Accessories & Mounts

TurfEx® offers accessories to take your turf and lawn care equipment to the next level. Our Zero-Turn attachments, mounts, and hitches let you customize your mowers to perform a variety of extra lawn care tasks while staying responsive to contours in your turf. Take the best possible care of your equipment and materials with various accessories, options, and storage boxes.


We offer a wide range of accessories that allow you to use our turf and lawn care equipment with a variety of different applications. Our TurfEx equipment can be fitted to handle any challenge.

Ratchet Straps

Ratchet Straps can provide additional in-bed stability and security for your equipment-mounted sprayer. (2-Pack)

#RS-72PK (For US200 Equipment-Mounted Sprayer)

Dual-Variable Speed Control

The spinner and auger work at variable speeds for precise material delivery at either low or high outputs.

#VAR-020 (For TS300-1 Equipment-Mounted Spreader)

Poly Deflector Kit

A 3-sided poly deflector helps to direct the material exactly where you want it and reduce the scatter of dry materials. Built with non-corrosive polyethylene for a variety of materials and applications.

#PDK-030 (For TS50 & TS70 Walk-Behind Spreaders)

Weather Cover

A clear, fitted hopper cover keeps the outside elements and moisture from contaminating your material inside the hopper.

#WSC-030 (For TS50 & TS70 Walk-Behind Spreaders)


We offer a wide range of mounts that allow you to use our turf and lawn care equipment with a variety of different style vehicles. Whether you have a zero turn mower, compact tractor, or a utility vehicle, we have the mount to properly attach your TurfEx equipment.

DRM-175-1 Drop Utility Mount

(For TS300-1 & TS300EG-1 Equipment-Mounted Spreaders)

TLR-175 Trailer Mount Kit
(For TS300-1 & TS300EG-1 Equipment-Mounted Spreaders)
TPM-175-1 3-Point Mount
(For TS300-1 & TS300EG-1 Equipment-Mounted Spreaders)
UTM-175-1 Utility Mount
(For TS300-1 & TS300EG-1 Equipment-Mounted Spreaders)

Zero Turn Attachments

TurfEx zero-turn mower attachments feature lightweight, non-corrosive polyethylene construction. All powered attachments use electric drives and controls, which run off the mower’s battery. The ground-engaging attachments use a patent-pending hitch that articulates to accommodate to ground contours. Every attachment utilizes a universal mounting system that easily fits on most makes of zero-turn mowers.

ZTR-300 Heavy-Duty Mower Mount

(For TS200 Equipment-Mounted Spreader)

Boom Nozzles

Booms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, delivering liquid to the nozzles at a desired pressure. The type of nozzle on your sprayer can influence the efficiency and precision of your spray pattern.

(For US200 Equipment-Mounted Sprayer)
(For US200 Equipment-Mounted Sprayer)
(For US200 & US600 Equipment-Mounted Sprayers)