Spreading 101

There are many things to consider when purchasing a fertilizer spreader or sprayer. The Spreading 101 section is your first source for information about lawn care spreaders and sprayers.

A fertilizer spreader is a spreader that can be calibrated to different application rates based on the material being spread. Usually the material is a dry pelletized free flowing material of a chemical compound that requires a specific application rate.

In the lawn care industry, fertilizer spreaders are used to spread a variety of materials including fertilizer and seed. The TurfEx® line of fertilizer spreaders are durable and come in a variety of capacities to deliver precise application.

A seed spreader takes advantage of the same attributes of a fertilizer spreader and is usually the same model of spreader. A seed spreader requires calibration but usually does not require the same tight tolerances that spreading fertilizer demands.

TurfEx has a great selection of durable and versatile spreaders in a variety of capacities to meet your needs.

A sprayer is a tool that will spray liquid materials such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or even water. A sprayer used in this way will need to be able to calibrate for those materials (fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides) that are being applied.

The TurfEx line features equipment mounted sprayers, push sprayers, and portable sprayers.

What to Look for in a Spreader

When deciding which type of spreader to use it is important to match the spreader with the application. For example, if you need to spread sand or top soils you will want to use a “top dresser” like the TurfEx MS2000. If you plan to spread fertilizer use a spreader that can be calibrated.

In addition to the type of material being spread, it is important to consider how big the spreading job is going to be. A large capacity equipment mounted spreader would be a better choice than a push spreader for a large turf area. Whereas, using a push spreader for a residential application makes more sense than using a large vehicle operated spreader.

Accuracy, dependability, and strength make a spreader valuable to the landscape and grounds professional, so look for spreaders with features including:

  • Constructed from non-corrosive parts
  • Easily calibrated
  • Accurate & dependable calibration
  • Versatility to handle a variety of applications

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